White Buffalo Slab Earrings Choice of 4 Pairs


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White Buffalo earrings 50% off
4 pair to choose from
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Border wrapped Sterling Silver Accents, these stones exhibit a field of white with a brown/black matrix. The wire wrapping style we use allows us to slice the gemstone very thin to keep weight low and still maintain strength and integrity. It holds the stone tight so they do not break like other makers slab earrings do when that are only drilled with no edge support. They were wrapped by my team and have our signature swirl at the top. The swirl represents the circle of life.
The stones are polished to a decent finish by hand – not tumble finished. This white buffalo stone was from Royston Nevada . These are 100% handmade in the USA by my wife and myself, I finish the stone she finishes the earrings.

See pictures for measurements and weights. Photo with the dime is the back of that style.

Ear wire styles can be switched out if you like. Just ask

Only pure sterling silver used in this fine product, in both the wrap and earwigs.

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Some folks refer to this stone as white buffalo turquoise. Truth be known it is not turquoise, but does come from the same mine as Royston Turquoise owned by the Ottrson Family. The actual mineral is unidentified according to Otteson but we think it is actually a rare Opalized Chalcite. It is a seam material like turquoise and is found in and included by black chert, a black rock similar to flint. The Otteson family has mined and prospected turquoise in Colorado and Nevada in excess of 50 years and say they have never come across anything like this with the white color and gem qualities. The Ottesons are the sole supplier of this rare gemstone. There are imposters out there like howlite and magnesite imported from China. White turquoise does exist, but is so soft and chalklike that it must be pumped full of plastics (stabilized) to make it hard enough to cut into “gemstones”. To Native Americans, the buffalo is a symbol of sacred life and abundance, and turquoise is thought to bring happiness and good fortune. Why not the best of both?