Let My Rings Adorn Your Lovely Fingers

Existing since near the beginning of time most cultures are known to wear finger rings. Historically only three cultures are known own that did not use them in some form. Assyrians, the Celts of Ireland, and Eskimos never wore rings. Care to know more about the history and origin of rings? May I suggest reading this article by By William Chalfant The History of Rings

We make most of our rings from scratch. We cut and polish most our own stones. We often use reclaimed silver and gold. Our scraps are melted down and cast into ingots that ore then rolled in a rolling mill to form sheet and wire. Our favorite stones are ones we collect ourselves, but we have a great many friends that are rockhounds from which we purchase or trade for rough to cut from. We hope you enjoy our things. More will be added as we have time to take photos. Thanks for visiting the website.