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Other Teton Art Gallery Items

We offer other items such as Cuff Links and non-jewelry items like Wine Glasses, Home Decor, Paintings, Leather items and more to be added as we have time.

In our physical store we offer many other one of a kind items that are not currently available on this site. Not just jewelry, but clothing and gift items, lapidary rough, polished rock specimens, beads strands, or ready to set cabochons in many varieties of stone. If you have been in the store and seen something or heard it from a friend just email or give us a phone call (307-733-6334) and we can always send you photos of your request. If you would like to see us put something else on the website or create other items, be it teton or jewelry please drop us an email. Teton jackson hole jewelry and other items.
We cut and polish most our own stones that you find in our silver gold and stone earrings. We often use reclaimed silver and gold in our earrings. Our scraps are melted down and cast into ingots that ore then rolled in a rolling mill to form sheet and wire. Our favorite stones are ones we collect ourselves, but we have a great many friends that are rockhounds from which we purchase or trade for rough to cut from. We hope you enjoy our earrings. More will be added as we have time to take photos. Thanks for visiting our silver gold stone earrings page.

The following link will take you to a page with photos of a petrified bison tooth that was found on the Upper Gros Ventre River. I have thought about cutting this one up and making and wrapping the slabs in silver or gold to make earrings, but just don’t have the heart, yet. Petrified Bison Tooth

The photo below shows our two hounds the little one Eagle, her buddy Scotty. They inspire our jewelry daily

e&amp Silver gold stone earrings
Our dogs at home