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We cut and polish most our own stones. We often use reclaimed silver. Our scraps are melted down and cast into ingots that ore then rolled in a rolling mill to form sheet and wire. Our favorite stones are ones we collect ourselves, but we have a great many friends that are rockhounds from which we purchase or trade for rough to cut from. We hope you enjoy our rings. More will be added as we have time to take photos. Thanks for visiting our website.

The photo below shows my beagles the little one on, Matti the left has since passed, her buddy Scotty is now 7 and has a new partner Eagle who looks a lot like his old buddy Matti.

Our dogs at home

If you get to this point on this links page I would be amazed. I only continue writing here to help my SEO – search engine optimization. I care that you are informed, but my main criteria is that you purchase my rings and other goods. If you are interested in additional information I suggest you try my links page here I post informational pages there as well as links that I suggest as they offer useful information. If you actually have read to this point, I would love it if you would contact me saying you have. Anyone who actually does this I will be eternally grateful. Thanks for being here. If you found this page through a web search, I guess I have succeeded.