Metaphysical Properties Of Gemstones

Healing and Metaphysical Properties Of Gemstones

I personally am somewhat indifferent to any medicinal or healing properties of gemstones.
I do believe occasionally a stone speaks to me but Some customers do believe much more than I do, and have asked me for information on the subject.

Several years ago I came accross a currently non-existing website – – they purported that their stones had have healing qualities. I had copied their list entirely
without their permissions, and over the past years have edited many of them with new information I have found but since the autor it is no longer available I present my edited copy- here they are!


There are many varieties of Agate found all over the world, in thousands of locations. Agate can be found in many colors, including green, black, blue, brown, yellow, gray, pink, and red. Because of the large number of types of Agate, there is a great deal of healing properties associated with it. Although there are numerous varieties, all Agates have common healing properties. Agate was a favorite of ancient civilizations, dating back to at least 20,000 B.C. Its name is of Greek origin. Ancients believed that Banded Agates protected them from the “evil eye” and if worn, Agate would render them invisible. It has also long been believed to bring a bountiful harvest, good luck, lift curses, and is especially thought to be protective of children overall and specifically against a fall.
Agate is said to cure insomnia by placing it under your pillow overnight while sleeping; relieve stress and provide a sense of calm as well as increase courage and self-confidence, and reduce fears; improve public speaking skills and improve confidence; overcome addictions; increase intellect, memory, energy, strength and longevity; instill harmony, balance yin/yang and lessen anger and hostility. Believed to be of benefit to creativity, Agate is thought to be an excellent stone for students. Agate is also associated with fidelity in romance and love relationships and is thought to guard against loneliness. Banded Agate is said to aid in meditation.
Physically, Agate is said to increase stamina, decrease allergies, aid in digestion, helps to heal sore gums and teeth, provide relief from headaches, sore throat, arthritis, allergies, fever, inflammation, ulcers and assists with skin disorders. In addition, Agate is also said to improve fertility, hearing, skeletal problems, circulation and increase metabolism. Agate assists in overcoming blood disorders, and is thought to be of particular benefit to bone marrow.


is a rare and very valuable precious gemstone that changes colors, depending on indoor or outdoor lighting. Under artificial light, Alexandrite will appear reddish or purplish in color; under natural light, Alexandrite appears green. Discovered in 1831 near Czar Alexander II’s 21st birthday, it was given the name “Alexandrite” by mineralogist Nordenskjold. A powerful healing stone, when worn near the heart, it opens the heart; brings luck in love; and provides harmony to both male and female energies. Alexandrite promotes self-esteem, centering, joy, spiritual love, and luck. It encourages emotional maturity, purity, elegance, grace, protection, and regeneration. A gemstone thought to be lucky for gamblers, it is said to assist in balancing one’s emotional state, help bring about change, increase self-esteem and provide confidence. It is also said to bring happiness and success, and to intensify feelings of love and sensuality. Physically, Alexandrite is believed to have a positive effect on the central nervous system by improving the assimilation of protein. It is also believed to have a positive effect on tissue regeneration; the spleen, the pancreas and glandular systems; swollen lymph nodes and treatment of various afflictions caused by leukemia.


is a sacred stone valued by ancient Egyptians and named for the Amazon River. High in copper content, Amazonite soothes irritating and negative energies as well as emotional processes. It inspires growth, self-love, honor, integrity, trust, clairvoyance, openness, sincerity and open creativity. Believed to have a soothing effect on the brain and nervous system, Amazonite is a remedy for muscle spasms, osteoporosis, calcium deficiencies, and increases the body’s resistance to tooth decay. This stone is known as the “Hope” stone as it provides courage and strength to its wearer, reducing fears and concerns, much like the strength of Amazon warriors.


gives the body the ability to heal itself. It absorbs negative energy and turns it into positive energy. It purifies the body, improves its wearer’s disposition, calms the nerves, and stimulates the DNA process. In addition, Amber aids in the successful regeneration of cellular tissue, strengthens the thyroid, the inner ear, disorders of the kidneys and bladder and activates the pituitary gland. Mentally, Amber decreases memory loss and anxiety as well as gives one the desire to serve humanity and stimulate intellect. It is successful at alleviating heavy burdens and allowing one to let go of the past to create a new life.


is a tranquil stone that calms and protects the mind, enhances mental strength, vigor and stability. It transforms negative energy into positive energy, acting as a natural tranquilizer, relaxing the mind and the nervous system, and reducing anxiety. Ancient Greeks believed that Amethyst protected one from getting drunk from alcohol. Amethyst provides understanding, security, and peace of mind, especially in matters of death. It helps reduce stress, depression, grief, poor communication skills, and despair. Amethyst is used in elixir form to treat bone and joint illnesses, posture, toothaches, back pain, stomach and digestive tract difficulties, hearing disorders and heart problems. Amethyst is used to treat hair loss, color blindness, irregular blood sugar, blood diseases, convulsions, neuralgia, and the central nervous system.


is composed of Citrine and Amethyst, and as such carries the healing properties of both. By combining the two, emotional, physical, and mental blockages are released and negativity is dispersed. Thought to repair DNA, Ametrine is believed to benefit those experiencing physical change throughout life — adapt to menopause, puberty, implants, and transplants. It is also known to improve equilibrium. Ametrine improves self-esteem, sense of worthiness, and confidence as well as balances masculinity and femininity.


assists in curbing the appetite when dieting. It is used to heal glands and other organs in the body. Apatite strengthens muscle tissue, assists in coordinating motor skills, helps those who stutter, and is also used to treat hypertension. Apatite helps improve the nervous system, rid allergies, and alleviates pain from arthritis. The main mineral found in our teeth and bones, it is of benefit to the muscular system and bone growth. Believed to enhance concentration, learning, unconditional love, focus and intellect, it is a stone that fosters harmony on all levels, giving it’s wearer improved communication skills, intuitive awareness and inner peace.


enhances creative self-expression and helps those burdened with great responsibility by giving strength and wisdom and clarity of mind. Attuned to the ocean, it provides soothing calm, alleviating phobias and fears. This stone helps those who are judgmental become more tolerant of others, inspiring peace and tranquility. Aquamarine rekindles love in married couples and signifies making new friends. Legend says it’s a treasure of mermaids, and it’s power keeps sailors safe at sea. Aquamarine has been useful in reducing fluid retention, treatment of eyesight problems, coughs, thymus gland, the liver, swollen glands, the neck, ears, jaw, toothaches, and stomach difficulties.


is named for the location if its discovery — Molina de Aragon, Spain. Aragonite is considered to be an ideal stone for those going through the turmoil of puberty as it contains the elements required to relieve stress, eliminate anger and hostility, enhancing generosity and sensitivity. A very calming and soothing stone, Aragonite assists the nervous system by clearing the mind, providing security while increasing patience under stressful circumstances. In addition, Aragonite promotes a positive effect on emotions, increases self-worth and self-confidence, creating a centered, happier and peaceful self. In business, Aragonite is believed to provide a clear mind and provide energy and stamina required to meet professional challenges. Thought to teach the art of deep thinking, Aragonite gives the ability to live everyday life with an open heart and mind. An earthly grounding stone, Aragonite shows one how to effectively give-and-take, by making one think before acting, and is believed to teach moderation in all things. Aragonite has also been used to help access past lives. Physically, Aragonite increases energy, and is strongly believed to increase the energy of prayers. It is thought to be of benefit to chronic fatigue sufferers, and have a positive influence on the brain, nervous system, and heart. Aragonite is thought to help decrease hair loss and skin disorders, assist in strengthening the immune and digestive systems, strengthen and mend broken bones and teeth by improving calcium absorption, and provide relief from spinal pain. It is said that placing Aragonite on the body when chilled from the flu or a cold will bring instant warmth to the body and rid the body of the chill.


is said to assist in releasing anxieties and fears. Healers believe its strongest mental healing characteristic is the ability to ground an individual emotionally, therefore allowing fear free thoughts. A powerful healer, Aventurine lends a positive attitude to life and promotes emotional tranquility. It has also been attributed to the enhancement of leadership skills and reinforcement of decision-making. Aventurine is a stone for leaders and protectors and those who give counsel to others. It assists in realization of potentials and alternatives. It gives a calmness and balance, which enhances creativity, career success, prosperity, and independence. Aventurine’s physical healing properties include the treatment of: fevers; inflammation; nervous system; migraines; eyesight disorders; hair growth; disorders of the adrenal glands; muscular system; abnormal blood pressure; heart ailments; the lungs; and urogenital system. Dark Green Aventurine deeply purifies the vital organs of the physical body, focusing on the most distressed organ and healing it with energy. Once that organ has been healed, Aventurine moves on to the next organ in distress and begins to heal it, finally healing the entire body.


AKA AzMal is said to give its wearer visionary powers and creativity. It is believed to heal any part of the body that is congested or has a blockage by placing the stone on the area of the body affected. Azurite is closely related to Copper, thus it is helpful in easing the pain of rheumatism. It is of assistance in healing the throat, spleen, and the spine. It is also believed to fortify the memory and enhance intellectual receptivity. Azurite and Malachite often form together, giving the blue stone flecks of green. Its color is so blue that it has been used as a pigment for paints for hundreds of years. It was used as make-up for eyes by ancient Egyptian women, and is still used to make quality artist’s paints to this day.


provides protection from drowning, seasickness, and storms while at sea. Beryl has also been used to treat eye diseases, the liver, cancer of the bowel, and swollen glands. Beryl is also believed to diminish hiccups and laziness and is thought to heal digestive organs.


strengthens the immune system, thus fighting off infection. It is of benefit to circulation; purifying the blood and bringing disorders of the blood to the surface; detoxifying the liver, kidneys, spleen, and bladder; relieves stomach and bowel pain; facilitates toxin removal and enhances cell absorption of nutrients. Bloodstone also removes burdens from your immune system as it facilitates the removal of toxins from your body and enhances your cells’ absorption of nutrients, thus lifting one’s overall energy level. Legend says that if you rub Bloodstone with crushed Heliotrope flowers and then carry or wear the gem, you will become invisible. Bloodstone that contains red is thought lucky for athletes, as it is believed to instill courage, strength, and power. It is said that wearing a pendant made of Bloodstone will attract wealth to its wearer, and that a piece of Bloodstone in the cash drawer of any business will draw a steady flow of money.

Blue Aventurine

helps eliminate negative emotions and provides a feeling of peace to its wearer. It is believed that if you hold a piece of Blue Aventurine when in pain, it will reduce or eliminate the pain.

Blue Lace Agate

encourages cohesiveness of thought. This stone can be worn to maintain perfect health. Agate was believed by ancients to render its wearer invisible, and to ensure a good harvest by attaching a piece of Agate to each horn of an ox. It is believed to provide relief from arthritis, headaches, indigestion, and assist bones and growth. Blue Lace Agate is also thought to protect from danger, reduce fever, quench thirst, cure insomnia, guarantee pleasant dreams, promote strength, and ensure a long, healthy and prosperous life.

Blue Quartz

inspires serenity, meditation, and psychic and spiritual development. Blue Quartz is especially beneficial for those experiencing emotional unrest as it disperses fear and introvert tendencies. Thought to encourage thoughtfulness and consideration, Blue Quartz gives the ability to stimulate relationships by reaching out to others. Blue Quart is believed create a healthy endocrine system, and provides relief from disorders of the blood, spleen, thymus, lungs, heart and throat.

Blue Sponge Coral

is a rare variety of coral that improves communication skills and interaction with others. Blue Sponge Coral provides a sense of compassion, self-confidence, calmness, and protection to its wearer. Blue Sponge Coral is believed to aid in achieving tangible goals by helping to achieve success in business. Physically, Blue Sponge Coral has been used to eliminate mucous, treat throat illnesses, and assists in eliminating disorders of the circulatory, pituitary, liver and pineal gland systems.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

is a rare form of Tiger’s Eye that gives its wearer a sharp, clear, and true perspective — thus it’s nickname, “Hawk’s Eye.” Blue Tiger’s Eye enables its wearer to reach a height of perspective consciousness that brings them closest to their spirituality. This provides the emotional healing ability to accept the truth and forgive without emotional scars. The color of the stone is said to dispel bad tempers and depression and drive away the “blues,” inspiring optimism, insight, and creativity. All colors of Tiger’s Eye are considered to be protective, especially during travel. Blue Tiger’s Eye is thought to inspire integrity, strength of will, serenity, acceptance of imperfection, peace of mind, luck, discernment, and prosperity. Physically, Blue Tiger’s Eye is of benefit to eyesight, stress, asthma, hypochondria, and tension.

Blue Topaz

assists in verbalizing thoughts into words. In addition, Blue Topaz helps open creativity and allows for expression of that creativity. It is a great stone for those needing to express themselves to others. It is believed to keep nightmares away if worn during sleep or placed near the bed. Blue Topaz assists with throat disorders and Topaz of all colors is believed to help improve eyesight problems, and reduce bleeding and hemorrhaging.

Botswana Agate

is believed to provide protection, increase fertility, and enhances creativity, sensuality, sexuality, and passion. A power stone for women, it gives one the ability to go through transitions and handle them in a positive way. It is thought to cure all varieties of poisoning, relieve stress, and provide emotional comfort. Believed to be helpful in overcoming addictions, it is also thought to benefit the central nervous system, assist in mending broken bones and rid the body of toxins. Botswana Agate is also thought to be a good stone to wear for those that work around water. It is said that carrying or wearing a piece of Botswana Agate helps one accept the challenges of daily life.


is an ideal stone for students, as it helps to amplify learning abilities. It is also known to increase energy; protect, center, and ground its wearer, providing inner peace; and assists imagination and creativity. A stone of wisdom and spirituality, Calcite is believed to bring prosperity, lessen stress, and eliminate fears. Calcite is of benefit in reconciling disagreements within personal relationships and assists in maintaining balance in relationships. Physically, Calcite is believed to decrease back pain, strengthen the teeth, benefit eyesight problems, and increase physical strength. Calcite is also thought to be useful as a detoxification agent. Blue Calcite is believed to help ease back pain, and assists in healing the colon and liver.

Carnelian (sometimes called “Cornelian”) was used by Egyptian Goddess Isis to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife. It is believed to calm tempers by establishing self-control, relieve sexual tension and excite sexual energy. In addition, it energizes the blood, protects against illness, and is of benefit to tissue regeneration, inflammations, and infections. It has been said to benefit the treatment of impotence, infertility, insomnia, menstrual cramps, neuralgia, rheumatism, asthma, lethargy, digestive problems, and skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. Carnelian instills a powerful sense of wellbeing, and helps to eliminate unresolved feelings of hatred, anger, and hostility by having a positive influence on the mental plane. It enhances accomplishments, gives faith, and stimulates curiosity and initiative. Carnelian is also believed to bring good luck, happiness, prosperity, and success. It is recommended for those with a lack of courage, bad memories, and creative blocks.


promotes optimism and goodwill. It is also aids in relieving of depression, irritability, and hostility. It brings relief to throat and neck ailments as well as improves use of one’s voice. Chalcedony promotes generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity. It is used to treat dementia, eye problems, leukemia, melancholy, fever, and gallstones. Chalcedony is believed to instill maternal instincts, promotes mental stability, calms the nervous system, and tranquilizes worried thoughts. Ancients gave White Chalcedony to nursing mothers to increase lactation.


is a beautiful stone that ranges in color from light purple to black. It was discovered along the Charo River in Siberia, Russia during the late 1940’s, and is the only location the mineral has ever been found, thus accounting for it’s high price. Physically, Charoite is thought to provide relief from stress, headaches, as well as high blood pressure and liver ailments. Charoite is also believed to provide restful sleep, calm the nerves, allowing one to relax and think clearly. A very spiritual stone, Charoite is thought to bring passion, and intimacy and romance back into relationships, and helps to release anger and negative emotions, stimulating unconditional love. Charoite expands spiritual growth, and provides determination and courage required to eliminate fears and face challenges. Charoite provides inspiration, creativity, and transformation. It is believed that a piece of Charoite placed under a pillow will inspire creative dreams.

Chinese Fossil

from the stem of the Crinoid plant over 65 million years old. A plant fossil is considered rare because it decomposes quickly, as opposed to petrified wood, which decomposes over a much longer period of time. Fossils in general are believed to increase longevity, as well as consume toxins, reduce anxiety, stress, fear, and balance emotional imbalances. Thought to increase common sense, fossils aid in facing life’s challenges. Fossils are also believed to contain both supernatural and physical healing powers. Fossils promote a sense of pride and quality and are believed to assist success in business — many healers say that fossils enhance telepathic communications and stimulate the mind, bringing fresh, new ideas to business. Physically, fossils aid in reducing tiredness and fatigue, stimulate the thymus gland, and have been used as cures for digestive disorders, rheumatism, epilepsy, poison, and cataracts.


is a member of the quartz family and is associated with tolerance, intimacy, sensitivity, tranquility, serenity, and peace. Chrysocolla is also believed to provide nurturing, acceptance, calmness, hope, gentleness, honesty, intuition, patience, unconditional love, and wisdom of the subconscious. Physically, Chrysocolla is thought to reduce low blood sugar, hunger, as well as heal the mouth, throat, thyroid, heart, ears, eyes, and stuttering. It also helps strengthen bones and muscles and is considered good for high blood pressure.


is the most rare member of the Chalcedony family and is found in the U.S., Brazil, and Australia. Chrysoprase is believed to prevent depression and improve equilibrium, balance, communication, eloquence, hope, youthfulness, and a higher consciousness. Legend says that Chrysoprase is a protector of young animals and children.


is thought to dispel fear, stimulate mental focus and endurance, and eliminate self-destructive tendencies. A stone that symbolizes success in all walks of life, it is also useful in building happiness, goodness, truth, comfort, stability, generosity, creativity, prosperity, strength, confidence, protection, and pleasure. Physically, Citrine is said to aid in digestive, circulatory, cardiovascular, kidney, liver and muscular disorders. It’s also claimed to be used as a treatment for appendicitis, gangrene, digestive tract problems and red and white corpuscles.


is believed to bring luck and prosperity, raise self-esteem, improve communication abilities, and provide energy to the wearer, while at the same time freeing them from mental burdens. Healers believe that Copper stimulates the flow of energy, providing more vitality and amplified thoughts. The use of Copper has become very popular since the 1970’s because of the strong belief that it assists in relieving pain from arthritis and rheumatism. In addition, Copper has healing properties that include: improved oxygen use; stabilizes metabolism; reduction of inflammation; improved blood circulation; helps to detoxify the body; and increased energy.


is used to build an emotional foundation. A protector of children, Coral is said to cure madness and provide wisdom. White Coral is linked with balance, relaxation, protection, safe travel on water, appreciation of nature, and emotional balance. Pink Coral is associated with platonic love, friendship, and community. Black Coral grants serenity and peace while absorbing negative energy. Red Coral promotes creativity, passion, romantic love, wisdom, optimism and enthusiasm and is good for helping to “tame” the wildness within, such as tempers, rages, and compulsive disorders. Red Coral helps to balance us to the spiritual. It is believed to protect one from depression and despondency. It is also a good stone to strengthen bone structure and does well mending broken bones because it carries the sun’s energy.

Crazy Lace Agate

has many of the same healing qualities as Blue Lace Agate, as all Agates have some of the same healing qualities. This stone is of particular benefit to those needing to renew energy and strength. It opens the heart and allows one the freedom to laugh and enjoy themselves without guilt. Physically, Crazy Lace Agate heals the spine, heart, teeth, and skin and is useful in stimulating vital organs. Dalmatian Jasper protects from negative thinking, nightmares, and depression. Dalmatian Jasper is believed to promote good organizational skills, benefit long-term relationships, dispel disillusion, give insight into weaknesses and strengths, and inspire loyalty. Believed to bring fun into its wearer’s life, Dalmatian Jasper is of valuable benefit to those that have difficulty having fun and relaxing. It is believed to purify the blood, strengthen the liver, bladder, and gall bladder.


is the hardest substance on earth. Diamonds that are colorless are called White Diamonds and are very valuable. Good quality Diamonds are colorless, transparent and free of flaws. Diamond is of benefit to all diseases of the brain, the pituitary, and pineal glands. Believed to draw out toxicity, Diamond is thought to be a poison remedy. Diamond bonds relationships, which is why it is associated with marriage. It encourages love, purity, innocence, balance, profundity, courage, discernment, longevity, mental clarity, abundance, and hope. Ancient Greek mythology claims that diamonds shined a light that kept negative energy away. It was also considered to be a symbol of invincibility, innocence, durability, and fearlessness. Originally discovered in India around 500 B.C., it was named by the Greeks as “adamas” (unconquerable), from which the name “diamond” is derived.


is of benefit to those needing organization and self-discipline. It is believed to promote orderliness and organization abilities, and tendencies such as tidiness, methodical, systematic, and improve business-like behavior. Dumortierite is also believed to promote harmony, courage, trust, understanding, and control. By encouraging patience and erasing stubborn tendencies, Dumortierite’s ability to eliminate negativity and fear is of particular benefit to those that suffer from panic attacks and substance abuse. Dumortierite is believed to benefit the circulatory system, and is of use to those at sea as it helps reduce nausea, cramping, diarrhea, and vomiting. In addition, Dumortierite is believed to align the spine, and is of benefit to those overcoming severe trauma and shock.


one of the most valuable of all precious stones, has been in existence since at least 2,000 BC and is known as a symbol of love and success. Emerald is believed to rid the body of mental and emotional diseases. It is also said to strengthen the body’s weakest parts, curing inflammations, and infections/diseases of the eye. Emerald was used to cure the plague in ancient times by rubbing the stone on a sore. It vitalizes the body and mind, strengthening the heart, kidneys, liver, bones, teeth, and immune system. A stone of “successful love,” Emerald promotes harmony and bliss in personal relationships, aids in self-discovery, fertility, honesty, loyalty, and growth. It improves memory and stimulates greater mental capacity.


is called the “genius stone” and is believed to bring good luck and love by nurturing intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, and truth. Fluorite calms the emotions, provide protection, diminish stress and loneliness, and assist in seeing the difference between illusion and reality. Believed to arouse sexual energy, Fluorite also enhances mental concentration, and promotes honor and goodwill. Fluorite was once used as an ancient cure for cancer and is of benefit to the spleen, teeth, heart, blood vessels, bones, and relief from arthritis. Yellow Fluorite is thought to aid those with liver ailments and detoxify the body. Purple Fluorite is of benefit to those seeking change as it assists in transformation. Green Fluorite is believed to rid negative emotions and ease stomach problems.


ignites and refuels passion and romance as well as gives a sense of self-confidence. It also clears a path for new beginnings. Garnet helps to destroy the negative feelings that keep us trapped by fear and guilt. It is considered a gem that enhances vitality, sexuality, and commitment, love, and purity. Often used as an anti-inflammatory and blood-clotting agent, Garnet is thought to be a healer and protector from toxins. It is used as a remedy against food poisoning and assists in treating infections of the lungs and kidneys; sleeping, pulmonary, and heart disorders; and helps to strengthen bones and the spine. It has been claimed to work on a cellular level, giving relief to joint discomfort, sore muscles, frostbite, arthritis, fever, and gallstones. Garnet was even used to treat Yellow Fever and jaundice many years ago. It is said to bring good health, and riches if a dragon is engraved out of Garnet and worn as a talisman, according to ancient Greco-Roman tradition.


is associated with virtue, moral excellence, nobility of mind, purification, happiness, honor, wealth, strength of will, generosity, positive thoughts, energy, good humor, courage, stability, luck and opportunity. Gold is a precious metal that stimulates action.

Golden Lace Agate

is known to strengthen the heart, reduce fevers, harden tender gums, benefit circulation, kidneys, adrenal glands, spinal column, back, hips, feet and legs. It is also said to protect from x-rays, strengthen eyesight, and increases vitality. It aids upset stomachs, depression, skin problems, lethargy, and the lungs. A stone of health and good fortune, Golden Agate promotes truth, happiness, intelligence, good manners, prosperity, and longevity. In addition, it provides courage, improve self-confidence, Golden Agate assists in the elimination of fear and gives the ability to express thoughts eloquently in words. Golden Agate is thought to be an overall aid in restoring energy to the body, and of great benefit to anyone needing bursts of energy, and is of particular aid to athletes and those taking written or verbal examinations.


is a synthetic man mane stone that is glass with shavings of copper suspended in it. Rumored to be a form of Sunstone created when alchemists were attempting to create gold, Goldstone is said to stabilize emotions, and revitalize and energize the entire body by stimulating tissue regeneration. By attracting positive energies, Goldstone encourages a positive attitude, composure, individuality, and reduces tension by strengthening the nervous system. Helpful to the solar plexus, it relieves stomach pain and releases blocks of energy within the body. Goldstone is believed to store the energy of those who touch it, and is a powerful mind balancer, aiding in personal illumination, acceptance of love and encouraging an open mind.


restores a healthy flow of energy throughout its wearer’s body, healing both mental and physical pain or injury. Goshenite allows its wearer to have ease of communication, the ability to clear the mind, giving calmness to a stressful lifestyle by soothing the nerves and easing pain. Goshenite encourages truth, helps one maintain self-control, increases intellectual abilities, increases wisdom, allows one to see things from all sides, and promotes stability within relationships. Goshenite has been used to treat disorders relating to muscles in the legs. Goshenite is found in numerous locations, but was named for the town Goshen, Massachusetts, where it is found.

Grey Agate

is considered a powerful healing stone said to help eliminate negativity and instill calmness and stability. Agate improves analytical and mental abilities and is believed to be a stone of marital fidelity, fostering love, balance, harmony, security, and acceptance. All Agates have similar healing properties, but the properties vary depending upon the stone’s color. Physically, Agate is thought to be of benefit for teething, menstrual cramps, childbirth, and improve eyesight, circulatory system, lymph nodes, the colon, and also helps decrease thirst.


has been used to treat blood-related illnesses such as hemophilia, anemia; kidney and liver diseases; cardiovascular weakness; menstrual cramps; and nose bleeds. Hematite has a positive effect on the bloodstream as it assists in circulating oxygen throughout the body. It is said to benefit bronchitis, and is recommended for use in treating jet lag; birth; surgery; and the treatment of tumors, insomnia, leg cramps, headaches, nervous disorders, and fevers. Hematite is believed to bring about a calm mental state; provide comfort during times of grief; promote discipline, strength, and power; improve mental focus and concentration; bolster self-confidence; and increase the effectiveness of logical thought processes of the brain. Hematite is also believed to enhance abilities to focus, reliability, courage, optimism, trust, stability, balance, and will power. Hematite helps bring order to mentally chaotic situations by drawing tension out of the body, neutralizing negativity and releasing anger and jealousy. Its power for increasing mental function improves memory, mathematical processes, logic, creativity, and mental dexterity. It is also believed to bring good luck, good health, money, and higher love.


assists in enhancing self-esteem, self-respect, optimism, energy, and a positive self-image. Hemimorphite is believed to create a transformation, allowing joy and creativity into life while providing the enthusiasm required to finish tasks. Hemimorphite has the ability to keep one level headed, allowing for a decreased state of self-centeredness and egotistic behavior. Thought to provide protection from poisoning and malice, Hemimorphite is also thought to bring good luck and good fortune. A very sound healing stone, Hemimorphite gives one the ability to take control of their destiny; diminish depression behavior; and widen understanding of self. Physically, Hemimorphite is excellent in helping provide relief from pain, and assist in the overall healing process, especially from such illnesses as cellular diseases, ulcers, and blood diseases.


assists in the elimination of pain, stress, and rage. Howlite helps eliminate rudeness, anger, critical, and offensive behaviors by encouraging tact and decency. Howlite brings inner strength in immediate confrontations. Howlite is thought helpful to those who procrastinate. It has also been thought to increase appreciation of beauty. Howlite is said to aid in and deepen sleep, and is also known for helping to access and bring back wisdom from the dream state. Howlite calms and soothes the emotions and reduces anxiety and tension, loosening and dispersing muscular tension. Healers believe Howlite reduces phlegm when worn near the throat and that it purifies the blood. It has also been used as a treatment for calcium disorders, such as knitting bones and disorders of the teeth.


also known as Vesuvianite, was discovered on volcano Mt. Vesuvius. Idocrase has been found useful in clearing negative thoughts and releasing its wearer from fear, depression, and anger. Idocrase is said to stabilize the mental process and strengthen mental faculties as well as promote love of mankind and patriotism. Physically, Idocrase is believed to strengthen teeth enamel, aid in elimination of skin disorders, and assists in retaining nutrients absorbed from foods, promoting a healthier self. Idocrase has also been claimed to be of use in treating diverticulosis.


helps connect to our own soul and understand who we are and why we are on this earth. Iolite promotes truth, simplicity, imagery, and peace, and enhance inner strength, leadership ability, power, and self-confidence. Iolite is said to help with alcohol addiction, assisting in detoxification and sobriety. It is believed that by putting an Iolite crystal in your pet’s water it will reduce fleas.


is said to be of use in the treatment of asthma, heart problems, larynx, liver, thyroid, spleen, and thymus. It’s also thought to strengthen the body and increase longevity. Taken in a drink, it is believed to strengthen the muscles, harden the bones, calm the mind, and purify the blood. It is believed to bring its wearer good luck, peace, harmony, tranquility, fertility, serenity, practicality, moderation, stability, and perspective. Tougher than granite and more difficult to carve than steel, Jade is one of the toughest minerals known to man, and was used by Mayans in Central America to make weapons, utensils and ornaments. Various tools made of Jade have been found in archeological sites throughout the world, and will likely continue to be discovered.


has been treasured for its mystical properties and beauty since ancient times. Mentioned in the Bible, Jasper was one of the stones in the breastplate of the ancient high priest and also in the wall of New Jerusalem. Engravers in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome carved Jasper into scarabs and cameos. Jasper is associated with relaxation, contentment, nurturing, compassion, tranquility, wholeness, consolation, and healing. Believed to bring wisdom in matters involving risk, Jasper is also thought to bring good health and courage. Jasper that contains the color yellow is used to protect during times of travel. Jasper that contains red is thought to bring good health and fresh ideas to the wearer. Jasper that contains blue is believed to connect one to the after world. Brown Jasper is said to aid concentration and is worn for centering and grounding. Jasper is believed to protect against sight defects. Some Native Americans consider it to be a sacred stone and use it to prevent drought as well as curing snakebites by drawing venom from the wound. Jasper is also thought to bring organizational skills to those who need it. Physically, Jasper has been used to treat tissue deterioration of internal organs; kidney disorders; spleen disorders; bladder problems; queasy stomach; hearing loss, hemorrhages; emphysema; and liver problems. It has also been used to treat the loss of the sense of smell. Jasper is a talisman for courage, regardless of the color, and is known as the “mother of all stones.”


often has a brassy color or metallic luster and is black or very dark brown. Fashioned traditionally into rosaries for monks, Jet was popular as mourning jewelry during the 19th century. Jet in the powdered form added to wine or water is believed to have medicinal powers. Jet’s healing properties include: success, prosperity, and happiness; enhancement of the dream process; improvement of memory; protection from violence and illness; relieves fear and cowardice; and promotes acceptance. Jet is also said to provide relief from headaches and asthma.


(“Spectrolite”) sharpens the mind by amplifying insights and visions, and helps its wearer remain calm within chaotic situations. Also called Spectrolite, Labradorite is a stone that provides clarity and insight into your destiny and dreams. Labradorite aids in restful sleep, as well as lends the ability to recall dreams and use them in everyday life. Labradorite helps decrease anxiety and stress; and increase intuition, wisdom and psychic development. Labradorite is thought to balance the metabolism, and assist in achieving your ideal weight. Physically, Labradorite is said to detoxify the body, assist in digestive disorders; build and strengthen the immune system; and regenerate health, energy, and vigor.

Lapis Lazuli

is one of the first gemstones mentioned in the Bible, and is believed to protect its wearer from evil. Lapis contains the energies of royalty, wisdom, patience, truth, mental attainment, improved communication, contentment, artistic inspiration, personal integrity, loyalty, and illumination. Lapis is believed to attract good fortune, heighten concentration, clarity, and strengthen instincts. Lapis is said to promote success in love, encourage cheerfulness and self-confidence by providing a sense of wellbeing. Lapis advocates creative expression; helps in judicial matters; assists during time of mourning; releases tension, anxiety; and aids sleep. Lapis activates the thyroid gland; benefits blood circulation, childbirth, digestion, and feminine discomfort. Popular with ancient alchemists, Lapis was used in medicine, cosmetics, and paintings. Lapis is also believed to confer ability, success, divine favor, (ancient) wisdom, and cure sore throats. Lapis gives relief from pain, both physical and psychological, as well as combats cruelty and brutality. Lapis heals the martyr syndrome and aids discrimination of wisdom. The small crystals of pyrite and the streaks of white calcite in Lapis are said to aid intuition. Lapis also teaches the mastery of active listening by integrating the full faculties of hearing. Lapis teaches you the power of the spoken word; counteracts harshness; and helps one to become more compassionate. Cleopatra was known to have used Lapis as a personal adornment, and at one time Lapis was valued on an equal level, in weight, with gold.

Lapis Nevada

is a powerful stone for allowing a flow of energy through the emotional body, alleviating depression, hostility, irritability, hypersensitivity, and unreleased emotions. This stone is of particular benefit to those that are challenged by mental beliefs that inhibit emotional expression, as it removes toxic emotions from mental processes. Physically, Lapis Nevada assists in relieving headaches acquired by emotional means.

Leopard Skin Jasper

is said to bring you what you need. Leopard Skin Jasper is of aid in service to others, helping one to discover and connect with one’s self, and is considered to be a stone of shaman journeying. Leopard Skin Jasper also gives the ability to help take on responsibility and assist with creative visualization skills. It is believed to decrease body odor and eliminate toxins in the body as well as drive away evil spirits, and protect against snake and spider bites. Jasper was believed to bring rain in the fourth century and is still popular for it’s ability to heal skin diseases, the flu, and colds.


It’s lavender color is attributed to the presence of lithium. Lepidolite is particularly efficient at healing depression and despondency. Lepidolite brings calm, trust, and acceptance and greatly reduces stress. Lepidolite has calming effects to the one in possession of the stone and eliminates all negative emotions, giving the energy to shed old skin and be reborn to a higher realm. Lepidolite is also said to aid in heart and digestive problems, help with insomnia, birth, and rebirthing, and has been attributed to the relief of muscle pain and relaxing the nerves.


is thought to be a protective stone, especially for children, warning the wearer of impending disaster by breaking into pieces prior to the event. Malachite was worn as protection from black magic and sorcery during the middle ages, and it was believed to keep evil spirits away and help babies sleep soundly if Malachite was affixed to an infants cradle. Malachite is said to provide protection against radiation; is used to relieve arthritis and rheumatism symptoms; mend broken bones and torn muscles; and give relief from asthma and swollen joints. Believed to cleanse the body on a cellular level, Malachite improves the immune system and stabilizes the wearer’s energy level. Malachite assists in the relief of physical pain, tumors, birthing, menstruation, toothaches, and childbirth. Malachite is also believed to provide insight into causes of disorders/diseases of the mind. For prosperity, Malachite can be placed in a cash register, or in the four corners of a business to draw customers. Malachite is also believed to teach patience and knowledge; encourage leadership, emotional maturity, loyalty, wisdom, and self-understanding.


is said to balance yin and yang; protect against epilepsy and sunstroke; cure headaches, nose bleeds; and ensure a high yield in crops. Moonstone can help men open their feminine emotional aspects. It is said that during the full moon, men can use Moonstone to predict the future by placing it in their mouths. Believed to bestow ancient wisdom, Moonstone fosters good fortune, unselfishness, hope, spiritual insight, mothering, nurturing, happiness, and humanitarian love. It also reduces anxiety and stress, instead attracting harmony and tranquility. Physically, Moonstone is thought to have an affinity for healing the stomach, and also provides relief from feminine discomfort, leg cramps, swollen glands, insomnia, bladder problems, and adrenal gland disorder. Moonstone is believed to cool a fever if applied to both temples.


inspires patience, love, empathy, compassion, and imparts a sense of calm to its wearer, balancing the emotions and opening and activating the heart to bring love into life. It promotes equality in relationships and teaches unconditional love and patience. Morganite’s most powerful healing energy is its ability to heal the heart, cleansing it from physical and emotional pain and injury. Morganite is said to benefit to the nervous system, heart, lungs, throat, asthma, emphysema, tuberculosis, breathing, and oxygen loss. Morganite is believed to rejuvenate the body by repairing cells that are damaged. Morganite contains Lithium and as such, it assists in stressful times and protects the heart from additional strain. Believed to promote equality, it is the perfect stone to resolve issues of inequality.

Moss Agate

is called the “gardener’s stone” because it is believed to ensure a full crop. It is also attributed to communication with all forms of nature, including animals, plants, and protection of the earth. Moss Agate assists in beginning new friendships, elimination of addictive behaviors, builds confidence, strength, prosperity, abundance, success, and creativity. It is believed to bring balance and peace to busy individuals burdened with much responsibility. Moss Agate balances blood sugar; helps heal various allergies, digestive and intestinal disorders; improves circulation; and assists in elimination of wastes. It is also believed to cleanse and rejuvenate lymph glands and sinuses; and provide relief from fatigue, neck, and back pain. Moss Agate has also been used to treat anorexia nervosa.

Mother of Pearl

was once used as money in many parts of the world and as such is often associated with riches, money, and wealth. Legend says if you place Mother of Pearl on an infant, it will protect them from danger in their new life. Associated with motherhood, Mother of Pearl is said to help one know their mothers love. A protective stone, it is of benefit to those who are in need of care. Mother of Pearl has the ability to protect its wearer from negative influences, and negative emotions and thoughts. A nurturing stone, Mother of Pearl is believed to enhance creativity, intuition and help one to become calm, sedate, relaxed and less stressed. Physically, Mother of Pearl is of benefit to indigestion.

Nevada Jade

is believed to bestow forgiveness, appreciation, and amiableness.


is a natural glass formed from volcanic lava, which has been used since prehistoric times to make items such as jewelry, tools, weapons, mirrors, masks, daggers, arrowheads, and blades. It is believed that Obsidian cannot be used for any evildoing and that it provides protection from harm by physical or mental means. Obsidian encourages fidelity, integrity, and maintaining focus; it expands concentration, enhances a sense of self-discipline, balances the mind and emotions, and provides strength and wisdom. It is also known to assist in increasing self-control and helpful in breaking bad habits. As it is made of glass, it helps reflect flaws and determine changes that are necessary to an individual. Obsidian is thought to benefit the heart by clearing clogged arteries and veins; it is helpful in difficulties with the skeletal system, eyes, intestines and stomach, and assists in maintaining soft skin and a clear complexion.


registers the gravitational pull of the Earth, thus it is a grounding stone. Onyx absorbs negativity from the environment; aids in objective thinking; control of emotions; increases concentration; and fosters inner truth, understanding, confidence, and friendship. Onyx also helps change bad habits; dispel nightmares; encourage individuality; and brings peace of mind and reflection. Onyx is believed to draw wealth and help one achieve their destiny. Onyx’s physical healing properties include improvement of hearing; relief from ulcers and stress; strengthens the heart and bone marrow; prevents watery eyes; aids in treating neurological disorders; strengthens hair and nails; and promotes stamina and strength.


has a strong ability to increase mental capacities, such as creative imagination and unused powers of the mind. Opal balances the left and right brain for those suffering from neurological disorders, and is said to stimulate white corpuscles. Opal aids in thymus, abdomen, and pituitary problems. Opal of high quality is more valuable than diamond. It is untrue that Opal is bad luck if worn when not your birthstone. Invisibility has been linked to Opals. In the Middle Ages, blonde women wore Opal jewelry to protect their hair from changing color. It was also believed at that time to be of benefit to eyesight.

Orange Aventurine

is believed to bring good luck, success, fortune, and prosperity to its owner. An empowering stone, Orange Aventurine is thought to enhance independence, personal power, originality, leadership, and communication skills. Also thought to eliminate blocks to creativity, Orange Aventurine is believed to decrease shyness, relieve worry and anxiety, as well as calm the emotions and mind. Physically, Orange Aventurine is believed to be of benefit to genital and reproductive diseases, cancer, and urogenital systems. It is also thought to be a fertility stone that assists in childbirth. Orange Aventurine is believed to help rejuvenate and regenerate muscle tissue.


is the oldest known gem, and for hundreds of years was considered the most valuable. Once thought to be the tears of God, Pearl is said to help you see yourself and improve self worth. Pearl is said to help restore emotional imbalances; and provide relief from stomach pain, ulcers and intestinal tract disorders. A pearl water tonic is thought to increase vitality, relieve eyestrain, and ease pain from burning urination. To prepare, place a few small pearls in a glass of water overnight. Drink the water the next day. Pearl is a natural antacid and anti-inflammatory. A symbol of love, success, and happiness, Pearl assists in maintaining focus, eliminating misfortune and emphasizes personal integrity. An emblem of faith, charity, innocence, modesty, chastity, and purity, Pearl is considered the ideal wedding gift. The oldest Pearl jewelry known to date is a necklace found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess who died in 520 BC. Pearl powder, which is used as a skin whitener and a cosmetic, is still popular in China today. A very porous stone, Pearls will soak up almost any substance they are in contact with, including perfume and cosmetics.


is used to help dreams become a reality and is given as a symbol of fame, dignity, and protection. Peridot’s mystical reputation grants it powers to ward off anxiety, enhance speech articulation, and promote success in relationships. Peridot is said to alleviate fear, protect against nervousness, aid in the healing of hurt feelings, and assist in liver and adrenal function. Powdered Peridot has been said to cure asthma and a Peridot placed under the tongue of someone with a fever will decrease thirst. Legend says drinking from a Peridot goblet will increase the potency of medicines.

Picture Jasper

is believed to increase intuition, slow down the process of aging, strengthen the immune system, and alleviate skin problems. Picture Jasper is thought to bestow the ability to recall past lives. Picture Jasper is also believed to help congested lungs and sore throats.


is believed to help recognize beauty within the soul, and be a part of humanity and instill loyalty. In addition, Pietersite has the ability to bring the potential within to light, giving energy, willpower, courage, and strength to its wearer. Physically, Pietersite is said to stimulate the pituitary gland and benefit the endocrine system overall, as well as hormones that regulate body temperature, metabolism, growth, sex, and blood pressure.


is believed to bring one their ultimate soul mate. Prase is thought to encourage sense of humor, awareness, adaptability, enthusiasm and an interest in reading, Prase helps to eliminate inferiority and superiority complexes, balance patterns of neurotic behavior and eliminate fears. It also provides a sense of strength and well being, decreasing imbalances caused by depression. Prase is believed to enhance the dream state, ease guilt and promote a loving nature. A feminine stone, Prase aids in recovery from miscarriage, abortion, and stillbirth, and seeks to balance reproductive and sexual organs.

Quartz Crystal

has been used for healing and magical purposes since the beginning of time. Crystal bowls filled with water were at one time used to drench the body to reduce imbalances. Quartz promotes a sense of confidence; balances emotions; stimulates thought; and enhances imagination, instincts, and patience. Quartz is used for protection, as it is believed to counter black magic and give protection from negative energy. It is a good stone to access ancient wisdom and bring it to the present. An all-purpose healer, Quartz is used to perform diagnostic healing, detect food poison, and draw out pain. It is said to be effective in treating chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, intestinal disorders, bone injuries, insomnia, hemorrhages, emphysema, eyesight, and depression. Quartz is thought to improve physical strength, energy, and stamina, and bring good fortune, good health, and prosperity.

Red Jasper

a stone of fairness and justice, assists in unjust and unfair situations; assists in rescues from danger; and is of benefit to all areas of survival. Red Jasper can help to remember dreams and harness the passions of dreams. Red Jasper is said to enhance sense of responsibility, compassion, and choice. Red Jasper is believed to assist in diseases and disorders such as cancer, diabetes, bronchitis, kidneys, spleen, bladder, heart, hearing, emphysema, liver, tissue deterioration, and upset stomach. Red Jasper has also been used to treat loss of sense of smell; is thought to strengthen the physical body; and assists in childbirth.


enhances love and the ability to be tolerant, compassionate, and kind. It provides a feeling of comfort and promotes friendship and harmony. Rhodochrosite is a stone of truth, allowing its wearer to recognize the truth. Rhodochrosite is thought to aid the skin and improve complexions. Rhodochrosite is also believed to be of benefit to the heart, thyroid, indigestion, and pulse rate.


is known for its ability to dispel anxiety and promote a sense of coherence during chaos. Rhodonite is a stone of self-confidence; promotes good will and inspiration; and lends itself to maintaining calm during disorder. Rhodonite is also believed to bring good luck, improved health, and tact. It is said that carrying Rhodonite will keep the mind calm and strengthen resolve, and carrying it during convalescence after a heart attack, serious injury, or a traumatic event can help one heal more quickly. When Rhodonite is applied to an injury, wounds and cuts heal quickly as well. Rhodonite is thought to assist in healing emotional scars, and bestows the power of forgiveness. Rhodonite is helpful in building the immune system and fighting infections of the throat. In addition, arthritis and emphysema patients are recommended Rhodonite by healers, as its physical healing properties are a positive effect on the thyroid, pancreas, central nervous system, and pituitary gland.


is believed to improve physical beauty and give the ability to speak clearly to others and improve all forms of communication. Rhyolite brings resolution to all issues and inspires self-realization and personal rebirth. Rhyolite is also thought to rejuvenate and heal the liver, improve muscle tone, increase stamina, help disorders of the veins, reduce skin rashes and skin disorders, and is believed to provide greater absorption of Vitamin B.


has a powerful energy, providing the wearer with strength, energizing their entire aura, and speeding up internal and external processes. Riverstone enhances whatever mode your body is in at the time. Riverstone works as quickly as you are disciplined and focused on the changes you wish to occur. Riverstone works best with other gemstones to promote their healing qualities.

Rose Quartz

is said to enhance caring, romantic, platonic, self, and motherly love. It’s most powerful healing property is helping one to be able to love oneself. Rose Quartz also helps assist in matters of the heart by bringing positive love into life, teaching forgiveness, unconditional love, and tolerance. Rose Quartz is used to balance emotions and open the heart and is often called the “love stone.” It is rumored that Wiccans use Rose Quartz for forgiveness. Rose Quartz’s physical healing properties include healing spleen and kidney problems, treatment of circulatory disorders and cancer. Rose Quartz aids in easing sexual and emotional imbalances and helps improve fertility.


assists in the attainment of ultimate goals; and brings spiritual wisdom, nurturance, health, wealth, and knowledge. A stone of the nobles, Ruby stimulates mental concentration, love, confidence, loyalty, courage, financial stability, feminine attributes, creativity, awareness, and helps heal the heart, both mentally and physically. Ruby improves success in controversies and disputes, instills stamina, vitality, and strength, encourages gentleness, and discourages violence. Legend says that as long as one has a piece of Ruby, they will always be wealthy. Ruby has been used to treat fevers, heart disorders, balance blood sugar, and blood detoxification. Ruby is believed to protect the wearer against bad dreams, lightening and unhappiness. This stone encourages the wearer to follow bliss and adds a spark of light to the body and spirit, defeating darkness on all levels.

Ruby in Zoisite

(also known as Anyolite) is one of the most colorful gemstones used in jewelry. A mixture of green Zoisite with non-transparent Ruby inclusions, Ruby Zoisite is found in Tanzania. It stimulates physical abilities and spirituality. The multi-colors in the stone create an energetic combination that helps stimulate the mind, thus increasing psychic and mental skills and transforming negative energy into positive energy. In addition, it assists in maintaining one’s individuality and focus. Physically, Ruby Zoisite increases the wearer’s stamina and physical energy. It is also thought to increase sensitivity and fertility, and strengthen the female cervix and male genitals.

Rutilated Quartz

assists in providing happiness, self-control, resolve, volition, and steadfastness. This stone is of particular benefit to those who have difficulty making decisions. Rutilated Quartz is believed to strengthen brain function, the immune system, and decrease depression.


is believed to dispel negative energy, assist in stabilizing relationships and marriage, and bring to light causes of diseases, allowing for proper treatment of the problem. Rutilite is thought to promote lactation and provide relief from bronchitis.


enhances creative expression, knowledge, intellect, clarity, inspiration, memory, and intuition. Sapphire benefits mental clarity and relieves depression by regulating chemicals that affect mood changes. Sapphire is also helpful in the elimination of unpleasant thoughts; encourages love, generosity, loyalty, communication, and opens the mind to beauty. Sapphire is believed to regenerate the pituitary gland and stimulate the ductless glandular system. Sapphire has been used to treat boils, blood disorders, bleeding, insomnia, nervousness, and strengthening veins. Sapphire has always been a symbol of sincerity, truth, and faithfulness. Legend says the Ten Commandments were given to Moses on tablets of Sapphire, thus making it the most sacred of gemstones. High priests and Kings wear Sapphire because it represents divine favor. Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a Sapphire engagement ring. Sapphire has been called the gem of the heavens because it comes in all the colors of the sky. It ranges from orange to bright blue, to the colors of sunset, to a deep dark midnight blue. Sapphire is known as a stone of wisdom and good luck. When a Sapphire becomes red, it becomes a Ruby.

Smoky Quartz

is known to relieve depression and fears, provide a sense of calmness, instill positive thoughts and serenity, and promote stability, pride, and practicality. Smoky Quartz allows one to become spiritually grounded and teaches us how to simplify our lives.


is helpful in balancing the metabolism, fighting negative effects of chemotherapy, X-rays, radiation, and other radioactive materials. Sodalite is said to be of benefit to adrenal and swollen glands and insomnia. Sodalite is thought to protect its wearer from danger; improve memory; help overcome despair; and promote rational thinking. Sodalite brings a mental balance, aiding in good judgment and fostering a positive attitude towards others. Sodalite is also believed to enhance learning proficiency, truth, intuition, and clarity.


comes in a wide range of colors — blue, red, purple, green, black, and orange. Spinel is soothing and calming, allowing hope through to encourage one to overcome obstacles. Spinel strengthens and energizes the body, fostering healing and bringing peace.

Sterling Silver

(any silver alloy in which pure silver makes up at least 92.5% of the content) fosters hope, meditation, unconditional love, mothering, nurturance, grounding, appreciation of women and nature, spiritual, and romantic love, tenderness, kindness, sensitivity, and psychic abilities. Silver helps improve communication, reduce conflicts, nervousness, and shyness. In addition, Silver increases popularity, transforms energies and negativity, and cleanses and balances the emotions. Silver brings an advantage in life. It is used to improve quality of speech and brings eloquence to its wearer’s conversations. Silver lends an air of culture, eliminating abrasive traits and promoting popularity. Silver is of benefit to blood circulation, helps the lungs and throat, relief from headaches, gastritis, and rheumatic pain. In addition, Silver is believed to improve thyroid function, help prevent nausea, detoxify the blood, and aid in the treatment of degenerative brain diseases by balancing hormones and chemicals while improving nerve impulse transmission. Lastly, Silver is believed to be of benefit in the treating obesity and diabetes.


was first discovered in small amounts in Japan in 1944, and later discovered in larger amounts in South Africa in 1979. Most of the find has been mined and it has only been found a few times since its discovery in South Africa, thus making it a somewhat rare stone. Sugilite encourages peace of mind, gives confidence, strengthens spiritual and psychic abilities, reduces the effects of shock and despair, protects against harsh realities, and lowers hostility, anger, jealousy, and prejudice. A stone that perfects spiritual love, Sugilite helps open the heart to unconditional love and enhances natural talents. Sugilite’s physical healing properties include cancer treatment, protection from disease and immune deficiencies, addiction, reducing headaches and various other physical discomforts.


is believed to bring luck; protect from destruction; instill optimism, independence, originality, sensuality, sexuality, and romance. An excellent treatment for fatigue, Sunstone strengthens the life force, and cleanses and energizes the body, giving the wearer vitality and relief from tiredness. Sunstone is of benefit to the kidneys, liver, digestive system, rheumatism, acid reduction, and cartilage-related illnesses. Legend says the Greeks used Sunstone on their goblets because they believed it prevented poisoning.

Swarovski Austrian Crystal

is the world’s largest manufacturer of full cut crystal. Each piece is created by hand and is worked by as many as seven craftspeople. Faceted crystals are one of the most popular and widely used Feng Shui cures today as they are masters at slowing down negative energy and present themselves according to your mood and the occasion. Swarovski is not just cut glass. Simple glass does not have the quality and brilliance or variety of beautiful colors that Swarovski provides. It is finest full cut and polished crystal with a high lead content, which accounts for its brilliance and refraction of light. Each piece is created by hand by as many as seven craftspeople, fully cut, polished, and assembled with the highest quality standards. The exclusive Swarovski formula is a closely guarded secret, as well as the cutting and polishing techniques. Swarovski Jewelry is covered by a global warranty policy for quality.


is a stone that assists in change and opens the heart. Referred to as the “workaholic’s stone,” it helps relieve stress, enhance composure, harmony, poise, and allows one to slow down and take things easy. Tanzanite works well to reduce high blood pressure and stress related illnesses. In addition, it is said to uplift and open the heart. Tiffany & Co. introduced Tanzanite to the world in 1969, and named the stone after Tanzania, where the gem was discovered.

Tiger Iron

is believed increase stamina, and promotes self-confidence and self-assurance. A protective stone, Tiger Iron is thought to bring refuge when danger is near. It is also thought to reflect negative energy back to its sender. A stone which contains the healing properties of Tiger’s Eye, Hematite and Red Jasper, Tiger Iron maintains balance of the white and red blood cells, increases production of steroids, and is of benefit to muscular structure. It is also thought to strengthen the immune system, increase blood circulation, and enhance vitality.

Tiger’s Eye

is useful in the treatment of eye disorders, the throat, reproductive system, and asthma. It is also helpful in mending broken bones and aligning the spinal column. It has the ability to soothe the wearer’s abdomen and opens the circulatory system to optimum flow. Tiger’s Eye focuses the mind and allows one to understand other perspectives. It has the ability to calm the emotions, relieving obstinate and stubborn behavior, providing flexibility, and strengthens energy and provides courage. A protective and calming stone, Tiger’s Eye aids its wearer in reducing stress and allows the mind to clearly define relationships with others.


promotes individuality, creativity, leadership, spiritual growth, and insight to its wearer. Topaz replaces negativity with love and provides confidence in decision-making. Topaz is believed to bring wealth and health, promote the expression of ideas, and dispense feelings of doubts. In addition, it is instrumental in creatively changing its wearer’s world by enhancing awareness. Topaz is used to heal wounds, skin disorders, and loss of taste buds. Known as a stone of true love and success in all endeavors, Topaz helps one to see the “big picture.”


is a stone that helps to dispel grief, negativity, and fear. A calmer of nerves, Tourmaline improves concentration and eloquence. It is of benefit to the regulation of hormones, genetic disorders, and cancer. It provides the wearer with tranquil sleep, increased fertility, and helps to ease both passive and aggressive natures. Tourmaline assists in eliminating guilt and imparts a sense of humor to those in need of it. A provider of security and self-containment, it is said to protect the wearer against many dangers and misfortunes.


facilitates intellectual abilities, self-understanding, wisdom, and helps to find one’s destiny. A brilliant green form of Garnet, Tsavorite is known for its ability to strengthen the physical body, promoting energy, courage, self-confidence, self-respect, and strength, allowing one to accomplish whatever goal they choose. Tsavorite is believed to protect from bad dreams if placed under a pillow, and centuries ago it was believed to keep demons at bay. In addition to increased physical strength and energy, Tsavorite is thought to improve imagination and intuition, protect against poisoning, repel insects, and provide relief for irritated skin. The energy produced by this gem stabilizes disorder, mentally and physically.


is believed to warn its wearer of sickness or danger by changing color. It is also believed to guard against all disease, encourage tissue regeneration, improve absorption of nutrients, and eye disorders. Turquoise energizes female organs, and regulates fertility cycles and menopause. Turquoise also revitalizes the nervous system and strengthens the entire body. It is of benefit to circulation and the respiratory system. Turquoise induces enthusiasm, thus inspiring new projects and bringing to light artistic abilities. Turquoise provides understanding, discipline, and attention to detail. Turquoise is thought to bring happiness and good fortune to all who possess the stone. Pueblo Indians recognize Turquoise as a sacred stone to this day. Turquoise is a prized gift, as it is supposed to give the receiver wealth and happiness.


is believed to bring emotional balance to its wearer. It is said that Unakite is helpful in diagnosing illnesses and discomforts that are difficult to pinpoint. A stone that promotes unconditional love, Unakite helps with abandonment and separation issues, and brings one closer to a higher spiritual plane. Unakite is believed to be of benefit to the heart, the circulatory system, and assists the female reproductive system by promoting good health of mother and child, easing difficult pregnancies. Unakite is also believed to assist in developing muscle tone.


Helps with remembrance of past lives. Balances central nervous system and eases depression, fear, worry, anxiety and impatience. A good meditation stone. Also helps with virtue, self-reliance, moral courage and success. Works on astral and etheric level for healing via the nervous system (Central Nervous System) and at DNA level. Centers the Solar Plexus and heart Chakras and is slightly helpful for intuition center.

Zebra Jasper

instills understanding and compassion and assists in making it easier to understand how another is thinking and feeling. This balancing stone brings the feeling that the best of all outcomes will prevail. The light shows faith, joy, and optimism while the dark inspires endurance, confidence, and strength. Zebra Jasper is believed to inspire long and loyal relationships. Zebra Jasper promotes endurance and stamina, stimulates physical energy, and is thought to align the spine.


inspires independence, friendliness, spirituality, and an appreciation of life, purification, inspiration, and renewal. Zircon is believed to help liver problems, assist in childbirth and provide restful sleep.
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