Teton Cathedral Group Mountain Bracelet Narrow


Sterling Silver Narrow Mountain Cuff

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Narrow version of our Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet depicting the Cathedral Group of the Grand Teton Mountains.
This bracelet is crafted from a 1/16″ thick sheet of pure sterling sheet and weighs almost an ounce.
It is about 3/8 of an inch tall 2 1/8 inches wide – 1 7/8 inches deep with about a 7/8 inch gap
Totally hand wrought, the original was done in Navajo overlay style.

For larger wrists try our the narrow continuous mountains:

Narrow Mountain Cuff Bracelet Large

Or a wide version of the one above;

Teton Cathedral Group Bracelet Wide

A word of caution concerning cuff bracelets
Bending will cause any sterling silver to stress. Similar to breaking a coat
hanger by bending it back and forth sterling will eventually break if improperly
treated. If they ever get caught on something and bend out of shape, care should
be taken to reshape, any major adjustments may need the heat of a torch. Minor
adjustments should be made off the wrist and any bending stress spread over the
entire length of the bracelet. Cuff bracelets should never be squeezed together
once on your wrist – they should be adjusted once so the void area is precisely
the minimal distance between the back of your wrist and the area between your
wrist bones – one end placed between that minimal wrist dimension of the bones
(force one end hard between the bones) and the other end wrapped around the
wrist so that the bracelet does not stress. With proper fit and care they should
last a lifetime.